miercuri, 24 august 2011

Birthday Make-up

Hi everyone.So,this Sunday was my Birthday and I reached the age of 20.I didn't feel different at all,I mean it's not a big deal this stuff with the birthdays;you don't feel very special,only the ideea that it's your birthday may get an influence on you,but..hey..this is my opinion so..now let's just cut to the chase.

Products used for the face : Oxygen Boost Foundation (Porcelain) by Oriflame
                                           VeryMe Cover Up Concealer (Perfect Light) By Oriflame
                                           Liselotte Watkins face powder (Light) by Oriflame
                                           E.L.F. Clarifying Pressed Powder (Light Beige)
                                           Catherine Arley Silky Touch Blusher( 1 )
Products used for the eyes : VeryMe Cover Up Concealer (Perfect Light) By Oriflame ( I used it as a primer)
                                           Ga-De Diamond Palette (I used only 4 nude shimmery colours)
                                           Giordani Gold Cream Eyeliner (Soft Black) by Oriflame
                                           Wonder Lash Intense Mascara & Liselotte Watkins volume mascara ,both by Oriflame

Products used for the lips :  Pure Colour Lipstick (Vintage Nude) by Oriflame
                                          Liselotte Watkins Lipgloss by Oriflame

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