vineri, 15 iunie 2012

Colorful make-up + nail design

Sick of monotony ? Tired of using the same, old and boring colors ? Now it's the time to make THAT change !!!
It's summertime, ladies !!! Now it's the time to spoil yourself with beautiful and colorful clothes, but let's not forget about our skin (treating her and fighting against dehydration and sun rays, to prevent premature skin ageing and pore blockage).
Don't forget to drink lots of water, eat fruits, use sunscreen and be careful when you're leaving your house/office after 12 o'clock (that's the most dangerous time , 'cause the UV rays are more powerful then in the rest of the day). Now let's get down to business.
This post it's about a make-up and nail design I've made, especially for the summertime. I've been inspired by the sunset and also the sunrise on the sea. As you can see, I've used colors (matte colors) such as white, light gold (a soft, shimmery color), yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. I tried to keep my natural look and I also wanted to add more emphasis on my eyes; they supposed to be the star of the make-up.
I haven't used on my nails so many colors as I used on my eye make-up. As you can see, three colors were enough. The process is very easy. An advice might be to use as a base (after using a top coat to protect your nail) a white nail polish to create an impact on your nail colors.
If you want more details about the make-up I've made or about the nail design, please leave a comment below.
Have a great day !

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